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WAR Space is an online multiplayer space combat simulator. You will test your skills as a space ship pilot (captain) in team vs. team battles. Learn your advantages and use them against your enemy, seek your enemy's weaknesses and strike at them to win. Build your ship, gather a team of friends or just hop in any vacant place and take part in space combat you never experienced before. In release version there will be available multiple classes, which not only different in size and fire power, but also in tactical capabilities. Nvidia PhysX engine provides true Newton laws physics along with Unity 4 DX11 graphics creates an atmosphere and gameplay you will never forget. Read more…


Take a look at Shipyard.
February, 08, 2013
New screenshots.
February, 07, 2013
Collision. New video.
January, 07, 2013
Steam Greenlight.
December, 23, 2012
New video. Spaceship maneuvering.
December, 19, 2012

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