November, 23, 2012

WARSpace web site is Live!!!

More than ten months of game development and at this point everything looks great! So, I decided to step aside a little and focus on a community. A couple weeks of website writing and it is pretty much ready. I have also made a Facebook page for discussions and a YouTube channel. I am planning to launch Forum with the first prototype build of the game, for now Facebook and a web site will be enough.

A lot of work is ahead and as of this point I think it is time to lift a curtain a little and show my ideas to you. I strongly believe that healthy dialog between a developer and a community is crucial in a game development process. Your feedback is very important to me since I am not the only one who will be playing this game, hopefully =).

Soon I will post the first video about shipbuilding. I will explain building system that is used in this game and I will show you a couple of ship designs.

There are some screenshots at media section. Visit our project Facebook page where I will post news too.


by Dimetrock

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