My name is Dmyto and I am the developer of the "WARSpace" game. This game is all about piloting a spaceship. Full physics simulation means that a pilot has to be careful about inertia and maneuvering. The game development is split on two parts. The multiplayer part will be released first on free to play basis. After multiplayer successfully launched the singleplayer part of the game will be released. Please take a look at the latest build of the game. The password for the archive with the game is in your e-mail. If you don't have a password you contact me and I will gladly provide it for you.

Game features:

  • "part by part" spaceship building
  • full physics flight simulation of a spaceship
  • complex collision and damage system
  • deep spaceship systems simulation
  • realistic space scenery

Multiplayer features:

  • team vs. team battles
  • random teams, locations and game types
  • various game types (team deathmatch, capture the flag, convoy, etc.)
  • leveling system

Singleplayer features:

  • resource mining (ore, minerals, ice, etc.)
  • trading and economics
  • space station building
  • vast open world with multiple sectors to explor
  • story mode


2012 created by Dimetrock