My name is Dmytro a.k.a. Dimetrock. For now, I am the only developer of WARSpace and I hope that will change soon. I am 25 and I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I have also lived in the US for some time. I have master's degree in physics. Currently, I am working in the Institute of Physics in Kyiv. WARSpace is my first game development project, but I consider myself to be a gamer with quite an experience. So, I am quite familiar with games and I know what I want to create.

Space simulator is a great game genre. Developers are only limited by their imagination and they can create a whole new world with its own laws, history, and culture. But what is most important, such games let players to make an imaginative look into our future. Some might think that making space is not that hard, because you don't have to create a lot of stuff. They are right, space is a very empty place. But even though you don't have to create terrain and stuff like that, you have to put something for people to look at.

Space level design is more complicated than in FPS or RPG levels. Players can't be limited by some invisible barriers and things like that which kill all the fun. So, a developer has always to think three dimensions when making a level or any object in a scene.

The other big issue is a sound. There is no sound in space! But that means even more problems, because you can't make a game with no sound. Lukas had the same problem while making STAR WARS.

The third big problem is inertia in space. Everyone who studied physics a little knows that since there is no drag in space there are practically no forces to stop objects. Gravity works only with huge objects. Thus, you need to produce as much force to stop the ship as you produce when accelerating. That means you spend as much time accelerating as decelerating.

Space game is a big challenge and I accepted it. I believe I have found some very interesting solutions. I hope you will enjoy what I have created.

2012 created by Dimetrock